Hey Potensic fans,

Summer is getting over and it's back to the grind of school. Every year we rely on the same tried and true ways of getting by, but often don't stop to research ways to make your life a little bit better. This year, let's make a change. Hang out and discover the world with us.

Starting today, we're offering a range of mini drones, GPS drones, camera drones and etc.. No matter you are going to travel alone, with your friends or gather with families, our drone can be the best companion on the way.

 A20 Upgraded Mini Drone


Valid until 15/09


T25 GPS FPV RC Drone

Code  2QK7ANMU

Valid until 23/09


D58 1080P GPS Drone with  Carry Case

code  A7GZ4QUA

Valid until 15/09


D58 GPS Drone with 1080P & 5G Transmission

code UCO94PAQ

Valid until 11/09


D88 2K GPS Camera Drone with Carry Case

  code 4OWLEAXP

Valid until 12/09


D85 2K GPS Drone with Removable Action Camera

    code 2XOFSWCC

Valid until 17/09


A30W FPV Drone with Camera

code ND76NNRK

Valid until 31/08


A30 Mini Drone

clip coupon

Valid until 31/08


D20 Nano Quadcopters with Camera

code 7AIJ8OPF

Valid until 31/08


T25 GPS Drone with 720P HD Camera


Valid until 31/08


T18 GPS Drone with 1080P Camera

code A4UNQ57L

Valid until 18/08


T25 GPS Drone with 1080P HD Camera

code 5X7C6BYP

Valid until 31/08


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