A drone is definitely one of the most desired gifts for tech geeks, but how to find the best drone, at the best price, can be a time-consuming project. Maybe you've always wanted to try a drone but high prices or the complex operations were giving you pause,  whether you are an aviation enthusiast or shopping for a new toy for your kid, now it's a great time to find a drone. 

Black Friday 2019 is right around the corner. If you are looking for the best drone during this holiday shopping season, we've assembled the top 5 best sellers, at every price point and with different sets of features, so no matter what kind of flying you're planning on doing, you can find the most suitable one without banging of your buck.

1. For Kids: A20 Mini Drone

* One key takeoff and landing

* Headless mode

* Detachable battery

* Emergency stop

(“Best Drones for kids in 2019” - iMore / “The Best Beginner Drones Under $200” - Forbes)

This mini drone is the definition of kid-sized at just 3 inches across., which can fit in the palm of your hand. But do not assume it is short on features as its size is diminutive. TechRadar tested it and said, “Small on size, big on features”. A20 drone comes ready to fly out of the box with a kid-friendly controller and 2 detachable batteries. It has three adjustable speed levels and supports auto hovering, a.k.a. altitude hold. It also will operate in Headless Mode, allowing you to fly the drone based on orientation of the controller, without having to worry about which direction the drone is facing, and if it crashes or disappears while you’re going up the learning curve.

2. For Beginners: T25 GPS Drone

* 1080P camera & 120°FOV

* 9-Axis gyroscope

* Dual GPS auto return to home

* Excellent battery life


(“BEST OVERALL among THE BEST DRONES UNDER $200 OF 2019” - Reviewed)

For under $200, this drone has just about anything you could ask for: stability, GPS, 1080p camera, and more. This is a variable speed drone, meaning it can fly slowly for precision flying or fast if you have a lot of ground to cover. We also have a premium version, including two 1000mAh batteries and an Aluminum Silver Carry Case, allowing longer flight times and carrying convenience, whilst its advanced Dual GPS, 9-Axis Gyroscope provides resistance against adverse wind conditions.

3. For hobbyist: T18 GPS Drone

* Improved 9-Axis Gyroscope

* Incredible Stable

* Dual GPS position

* Easy to control


(“what better way to start out learning to fly a drone than with a toy grade drone like the Potensic T18 GPS FPV 1080p drone.” - Gadget Explained)

The T18 Drone is an intelligent RC drone, equipped with an advanced GPS for accurate positioning. The drone is advanced enough to perform an Auto-Return when the battery is low or if it loses signal. The Follow Me Mode also enables you to follow to the GPS in your smartphone, ensuring your drone automatically follows and captures you wherever you go. The drone has Smart Return to Home (RTH) button, once you press it the drone will fly back immediately to the home point that you choose as take-off. The 1080P HD Wi-Fi Camera is capable of taking high-quality video and aerial photos that you can view or upload to your social media.

4. For Intermediates: D80 Brushless Drone


* Strong brushless motors

* 5G WiFi transmission

* 2K HD FPV camera

* 20-min flight time


(“Best Racing GPS Drone Under $300” - Aerofly Drones)

If you’re looking to get into the drone game, or maybe you’re a professional photographer looking to dip your toes into the drone market without breaking the bank, going for something like D80 drone is a safe bet. The D80 uses four powerful brushless motors to stabilize the flight and travel long distances without consuming power. It can reach flight speeds as high as 25 miles per hour and has a range up to 800 meters with the remote control. That can extend up to 1000 meters if there's little signal interference. Equipped with an Optical Flow Image Acquisition System, the D80 flies safely, steadily and with maximum stability at a fixed height of your choosing, leaving you to snap the perfect picture.

5. For Professionals: D85 Brushless Drone 

* Strong brushless motors

* 5G WiFi transmission

* 2K HD FPV camera

* 20-min flight time

* Up to 50km/h high speed

(“Best professional drones on Amazon Business” - ZDNet)

The D85 drone is equipped with a 2K camera that has a 130-degree panoramic field-of-view and integrated GPS. Its 2800mAh high-capacity battery gives it enough juice to fly for about 20 minutes, while its brushless motors offer low power consumption; when the battery is low, the drone automatically flies back to where it took off from. It will do that when signal is lost between it and the controller as well. An upgradable camera option enables you to swap the on board 2K camera for your own GoPro.

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