• D80 Dual GPS Brushless Drone with Carry Case

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    Efficient Brushless Motors

    Pinpoint Positioning & Control

    5G WiFi 2K HD FPV Camera

    Flying Fun For All Levels

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Potensic D80 Drone with camera for adults

Potensic D80 Drone is a worthy purchase for its fabulous GPS Systems and Diversified Functions.

One Button Takeoff / Landing

Click the button, the aircraft will automatically take off and hover at 1.5 m altitude.

During flight, click the button, the aircraft will automatically land on the ground.

Headless Model

In the headless mode, even if the direction of the nose changes during flight, the direction of forward movement of the aircraft will remain the same as the viewpoint direction of the person manipulating the drone.

2K Camera (requires a 16/32G SD card)

Capture the clearest pictures with 5G WiFi and the 2K HD camera, even when flying at high speed.

Customize Flight Path & Electric Fence

Draw a path on the App and the drone will fly according to it. This hands-free option will offer you a better flight experience. Furthermore, equipped with electric fence, it keep you from losing the drone or entering the flight limited area.

Max RC Speed up to 40km/h

The max speed of our drone is 40km/h. Beyond the restrictions of ordinary toys, Potensic D80 can achieve flying approaching to specialized UAV.



GPS assisted flight: Provides you with accurate positioning details of your drone. The drone will also perform a Auto Return when the battery is low or if it loses signal.






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The package includes 1 x drone, 4 x propeller A/B, 1 x battery, 1 x Remote controller and other accessories.

No, the APP does not support mode switch. There are two flight modes of D80: Normal mode and GPS mode. You can switch via the remote.

It can carry a weight of 900 g/31.75 oz.

Attach the propellers: Install propeller A and propeller B on the corresponding motor shaft and fix the rotor propellers tightly by rotating them as per the “lock” direction showed on the propellers.

Detach the propellers: Fix the brushless motor by rotor propellers changing tool and then rotate and remove the propellers as per the “unlock” direction showed on the propellers.

Under continuous altitude hold mode for 16 minutes.

The APP can control functions of Point of Interest, GPS Positioning, One Key Return and Photo/Video,etc..

Propeller A/B is included in the package. Extra propellers can be bought via the website.



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