• T18 GPS Camera Drone
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    Crystal Clear Wide Angle Views

    Safe & Secure with GPS Auto Return Home

    Dual GPS Assisted Flight  

    One Key Convenience for Child or Beginners


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T18 Dual GPS Drone

Potensic T18 drone is an intelligent RC drone, equipped with an advanced GPS system, engineered to locate the drone.

- Dual GPS Assisted Flight: Have the T18 follow and capture your exact movements with Follow Me Mode, or plan its exact path, point-to-point, by simply drawing it on the map in the Potensic app.

- Smart Return to Home (RTH): With a 300m range, GPS mode will automatically return your drone upon weak signal, lost signal or low power. Swap the batteries over or place the T18 inside the included Aluminum Alloy Carry Case for safe transport.

- Follow Me Mode: Follow to the GPS in your smart phone, ensuring your drone captures you with high precision wherever you go.

- Crystal Clear Wide Angle Views: The 75° adjustable lens diversifies your shooting style, whilst the 1080P HD 120° wide angle camera provides clear, fluent images and videos in real time FPV. (1080P content requires a 16/32GB SD card).

- One Key Convenience: Child or beginner, use One Key to easily take off/land or fly seamlessly via Headless Mode and Altitude Hold. When you're done, fly home or use One Key Auto Return to do it for you.

- 4 Glorious LED Lights Assist Night Flight: The bright LED lights made night flying as easy as flying in the day.


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