The brand-new design DREAMER 4K is the perfect companion for beginners and intermediates.  Equipped with
intelligent flight control system, 4S battery and professional 4K camera, it will let you
enjoy a safe and steady flying experience to snap the perfect landscape.

4K Camera
Sony Sensor
4S Smart Battery
PowerAC Dynamic System
31 Mins Flight Time
GPS + GLONASS Precise Positioning
One Key Return
Easy to Set Up


Strong, low-power consumption Brushless Motors with a 3000mAh Lithium battery provide the DREAMER with up to 31 mins flight, which is at least 2x longer than competitors at its range on the market. Quick charge battery allows you to save half charging time for double fun.

Brilliant Aerial Photos

DREAMER 4K camera features a Sony CMOS sensor and an optimized wide-angle lens, supporting 4K aerial photos and UHD videos. The Anti-shock balls reduces vibration and ensures a clear, ultra-smooth footage.


PowerAC Dynamic System

When extra power strength is needed, DREAMER can automatically burst out triple power in just 0.1 second to provide the best performance.

With PowerAC

Without PowerAC

4S Smart Battery

Calculates accurate real-time battery information and remaining flight times according to distance traveled and more. When the minimum distance required for a safe journey back to the takeoff point is reached, DREAMER 4K will return to home automatically. Pilots can see the battery lifetime on "PotensicPro" app.

UHD Image Transmission

The remote controller utilizes the UHD image transmission system that operates on 5.8GHz frequency band. With complete function keys, it can conduct various operations and settings of aircraft and the camera within a max transmission range of 800 meters and display high-definition pictures on mobile devices in real time through App “PotensicPro”. You can enjoy exciting FPV flight at speeds of up to 30km/h.


Follow Me

Orbit Flight

Return to Home

Waypoint Flight

Stay hands free as the DREAMER 4K connects with your smartphone to recognize and automatically follow and capture your every move.


Unlike other drones' complex operations, DREAMER is only required to pair the remote controller with it at first use. Once you calibrate the drone, there are no repeated steps needed for further flight within 300km area.

Quick Release Propellers

Press down and rotate the propeller according to the marked direction until it is locked, the propeller auto bounces up. For unloading the blade, reverse the above steps.

Broad Compatibility

Drawer-style design is compatible with larger devices, just pull the remote control plate, and put your phone or tablet (9.7-17.8cm) into it.